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these pendulums are cleansed and charged with Ahai 7D Energy, leaving them prepped and ready to help guide you in your most aligned decision. pendulums are our founder's personal favorite spiritual tool (and the one she first fell in love with) because they're so easy to use!

your pendulum will become your new bestie. use it to answer yes or no questions, gain clarity from your spirit guides, clear your chakras, supercharge your intentions, and more. make sure to do a welcome ritual when you get your pendulum by creating some sacred space, holding your hands over it, and setting intentions for your time together <3 

rose quartz (rose gold chain):  rose quartz is our favorite stone for connecting with the truth of our hearts, tuning into our highest selves, and deepening self-love. activating the heart chakra, rose quartz will always lead you in the direction of highest love and well-being. when making decisions regarding loved ones or personal connection, trust your rose quartz pendulum <3 

selenite (rose gold chain): this stone clears negative energy and activates your highest frequency. selenite is known for its cleansing properties, also called "liquid light." this stone offers clarity, peace, and a fully charged aura! if you are feeling influenced by too many others in your life right now, the selenite pendulum will help you get the clarity you are looking for :) 

amazonite (silver chain):  calming, soothing, and rebalancing for the heart chakra, amazonite is your bestie when it comes to releasing stress, clearing unwanted energy, & finding flow in your life. amazonite encourages you to take a chance and aligns you with good luck and fortune. notice the magic that heads your way with amazonite in your life ;) 

*remember, crystals are all naturally unique, even when the same stone. that means your specific pendulum will be entirely unique just for you <3


each stone has been crafted uniquely from its respective stone or gem. the exact coloring/shape/size will vary from piece to piece.

pendulums are created and shipped from the United States.

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approx. 1.75" x 0.75"

chain is approx 7" long

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