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Manifestation Mastery Affirmation Card Deck

Manifestation Mastery Affirmation Card Deck

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The Manifestation Mastery Affirmation Card Deck includes 111 gold-accented cards. each card has both an affirmation and a reflection question to guide you in your daily intentions, manifestations, and journaling practice.

we recommend shuffling the cards each morning, spreading them out face-down, and letting your intuition guide you to your card for the day! then, speak the affirmation out loud to yourself (we like to do it three times!), really believing it as you say it. next, either journal or reflect in your head on the associated reflection question. 


this affirmation deck is made from 0.36mm thick cardstock with a gold foil.

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3" x 3"

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Manifestation Mastery Book

The Manifestation Mastery Affirmation Cards are an extension of Christina's Book - Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe.

This text is trance channeled from an energy called The Monarch Being, who explains the energetics of manifestation and how to truly co-create your reality.

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