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Raw Crystal Necklace

Raw Crystal Necklace

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raise your frequency each day with a qrtz raw crystal necklace! all necklaces have been cleared & charged with Ahai 7D Energy~

these necklaces are handmade and the crystals are raw. the stones are all about the same size, but the exact shape of each crystal necklace is unique, similar to how no two tie-dye shirts are exactly the same. we loveeee this because the universe will deliver you the exact necklace you're meant to have, and no one else will have the *exact* same crystal shape as you :) 

choose your own adventure with choice of stone! 

*note: all necklaces are 18" gold chains

clear quartz: cleansing, stabilizing, and balancing. clear quartz brings clarity to your life and is your bff when it comes to manifestation. one of the most well-known and beloved crystals because it's the ultimate cleanser for your own field or any other crystal, & can be programmed to align with any intention for manifesting. 

rose quartz: rose quartz is for you if you're ready to fall even more deeply in love with yourself, and open your heart to receive more love in your life <3 this stone supports heart-opening, inner-healing, and self-love, & it's ideal if you're looking to attract more loving relationships into your life! 

citrine: if you're looking to manifest abundance, citrine is your new bestie :) this gorgeous crystal has many shades of gold and is strongly connected to the sun. it inspires creativity and is associated with abundance and success. if you're in a creative rut, this crystal will be your bff ;) 

green fluorite: green fluorite is known to bring calmness, peace, and harmony to any situation. not only does it support focus and cognition, but it also activates your next level of spiritual expansion, connects you with your life purpose, and supports the heart chakra. this crystal will leave you feeling less stressed and more aligned with yourself <3

aquamarine: this stone is cleansing, soothing, and has the water-like properties of helping clear toxins and create balance. aquamarine brings peace and calm to mind, body, and soul. this stone also has a strong connection with the throat chakra and guides you in stronger communication to really speak your truth! 


each necklace is individually-made and hand-crafted. no one necklace is like another!

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the chain is 18" and the stones range in size, but are approx. 0.75"-1"

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