QRTZ, created by Christina the Channel

QRTZ is a spiritual lifestyle brand created by Christina the Channel to help you elevate your daily spiritual rituals.

as an intuitive channel and founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing, christina believes that our lifestyles get to be a spiritual practice, not just part of our day. plus, spirituality should never be boring!

you don't always have to make massive changes to uplevel your life -- it's all in the details, like letting the phrase on your mug charge the liquid inside to help raise your vibration ;)

these products are exactly what christina uses in her everyday life to keep her frequency high & have fun doing it.

at qrtz, we don't take ourselves too seriously but we still prioritize growth. we laugh a lot but we love deep, vulnerable conversations. we make spiritual jokes but we also know the effects of the moon cycles are #tooreal. we like to play, we like to rest, AND we like to get shit done that lights us up. and, we love a good aesthetic ;)

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